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2-in-1 Beachcomber's Blanket XL

$ 19.99

A perfect day at the beach? It's in the bag.

Sol Coastal's Beachcomber's Blanket XL gives you the best of a beach blanket and beach bag all at once. Pack up your extra-high-capacity tote with the necessities: towels, coverups, shoes and sandals, drinks, food, and more! The world is your oyster when you can carry this much. When you reach the beach, transform your tote in seconds into a 56" by 38" waterproof beach blanket! We're not bragging, but this is probably the pinnacle of beach tech.

Why You'll Love It: The surface of our Beachcomber's Blanket is woven with sleek cloth. It's comfy, durable, and mildew-resistant. The backing is a waterproof polymer that keeps you dry all day. And it's not just great for the beach. Take it to picnics in the park, outdoor concerts, even camping. Folded up, it has a slim 17" x 10" x 1" profile, and weighs a just over a pound.

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